Evolved Galileans are bulky planetoid aliens that orbit around the planet Keplorr, and the evolved form of Galileans.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Evolved Galileans no longer have legs, and float entirely by manipulating their gravitational field. Their skin crust is more jagged, and have crests and peaks across it. Their planetary cores are engulfed in their mouths with spirals circling outwards.

Evolved Galileans each have three small planetoids caught in their gravitational fields. They each have a small face on them that resembles a devolved Galilean's original form.

Powers and abilities Edit

Like their devolved counterparts, evolved Galileans can control gravity to manipulate the weight or motion of objects.

Due to their rocky skin and naturally large body size, evolved Galileans have enhanced strength and durability.

The smaller planetoids that orbit an evolved Galilean also have gravikinesis.[1]

Evolved Galileans can use the pointy mountain peaks on their head and arms as weapons.

Weaknesses Edit

Due to their size, evolved Galileans would have a much more difficult time in smaller areas than normal Galileans.

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Notes Edit

  • An evolved Galilean's smaller planetoids are sapient, and may develop unique personalities over time.[1]

References Edit

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