Evolved Arachnichimp
Sentient Ultimate Spidermonkey
General Information
Homeworld Aranhaschimmia
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Evolved Arachnichimps are a sapient mammalian/insectoid species from the planet Aranhaschimmia and the evolved form of Arachnichimps.

Appearance Edit

Evolved Arachnichimps have gorilla-like bodies with black fur and purple skin. The extra pair of arms that a normal Arachnichimp would have are replaced by two pairs of purple spider legs. They also have an extra pair of eyes, making it a total of six eyes rather than four.

Abilities Edit

Like regular Arachnichimps, evolved Arachnichimps have enhanced strength and can shoot webs, only instead of firing from their tails, they instead fire from their mouths primarily because evolved Arachnichimps lack tails.

Gallery Edit

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