Evolved Arachnichimps are a sapient mammalian/insectoid species from the planet Aranhaschimmia and the evolved form of Arachnichimps.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Evolved Arachnichimps have gorilla-like bodies with black fur and purple skin. The extra pair of arms that a normal Arachnichimp would have are replaced by two pairs of purple spider legs. They also have an extra pair of eyes, making it a total of six eyes rather than four.

Powers and abilities Edit

Evolved Arachnichimps possess enhanced strength. Technically speaking, they are physically stronger than regular Arachnichimps and Tetramands.

Evolved Arachnichimps can shoot webbing from their mouths, primarily because evolved Arachnichimps lack tails. This webbing are strong enough to trap Humans, Vaxasaurians, Orishan, and tangible Ectonurites. They can also insulate and cancel out a Gimlinopithecus' electrical attacks.

Evolved Arachnichimps are quite resourceful, as they can grab long objects to use as weapons or build traps.

Evolved Arachnichimps can survive in space for a short time, yet they still need to breathe.

Evolved Arachnichimps appear to be immune to radiation, as they are completely unharmed after falling through a planet's atmosphere.

Weaknesses Edit

Much like their devolved counterparts, evolved Arachnichimps can be incapacitated by quills fired by Argit's Species.

Despite their enhanced strength, evolved Arachnichimps are physically weaker than Atomix's Species.

An evolved Arachnichimp's webs can be torn apart by a species with as much strength as an Anodite. They can also be melted by intense heat, such as radiation generated by Atomix's Species.

Evolved Arachnichimps are sensitive to high-pitched noises, such as those produced by an Evolved Sonorosian.

An evolved Arachnichimp's webbing are unable to hold Ectonurites if they become intangible.

Evolved Arachnichimps can be knocked backwards by a being as large as a To'kustar.

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