The Evolutionaries are a species of enhanced early men created by the Eternals from the Marvel Universe.

Background Edit

The Evolutionaries rose 2.7 million years ago as an early race of Earth that were hunted by predators until the Eternal Phastos took pity on them. Using his abilities, he created armor for them that were powered by cosmic rays, giving them enhanced health using nanotechnology and increasing their intelligence.

They were given the task of safeguarding unique species and protecting them from those who would target them. These enhanced beings protected mankind as they evolved, eradicating Australopithecus sediba, and saving the first human children born to them, in order to ensure the days of Homo sapiens.

Later when the mutants arose they reawoke to ensure the survival of homo superior sought out Magneto to help him unite mutantkind via telepathy. They were thwarted by the X-Men, and after their defeat erased all mermories oftehir presence vowing to return.

Appearances Edit

  • X-Men: Giant-Size Vol 1 1 (2011)
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