The Evocii were a race of primitive humanoids evolved on the planet Y'Toub III, and were content with their feudal society. When the Hutts arrived and began trading them technology for the use of land, the Evocii were captivated by the new things the Hutts brought. They were so enrapt with the technology that they failed to see that the Hutts were buying the planet out from underneath them. By the time they realized their error, it was too late. The Hutts had moved in, built their palaces and theme parks, and renamed the planet Nal Hutta. The Evocii were given temporary refuge on the planet's fifth moon, which was renamed to Nar Shaddaa, but the Hutts treated them as little more than slaves. The Evocii, thus robbed of their heritage and their homes, devolved in the depths of the spaceport. The average Evocii was bipedal and near-human in stature, with narrow faces and elliptical eyes. The crown of their head was covered with knobby bumps, and their skin color ranged from pale yellow to deep lemon. Before their relocation, the Evocii had a lifespan of some 500 years, but modern Evocii rarely live beyond 200 years of age. By the time of the Clone Wars, there were less than 6,000 Evocii living on Nar Shaddaa, and it was believed that specific intervention was required to keep them from dying out in the next generation.

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