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See the official Eternal Cylinder wiki as this information is outdated.

The Eternal Cylinder is a mobile megastructure of unknown origin and a potential universal ontological singularity. It has destroyed and absorbed countless civilizations over the billions of years of its existence, and will do the same to the Trebhum. It can be delayed, but it has never been truly stopped.

the master to all its Servants


As the name implies, its body is in the shape of a cylinder. It doesn't possess any organic materials anywhere on its body. The exact size of it is beyond comprehension, as it seems to be so long it could destroy an entire ecosystem in a matter of minutes.


  • Electricity - When enraged, it is able to generate bolts of lightning to attack lifeforms across the land, though it is unknown how it is able to do this. It can't shock beings closer to it however, as it appears to be strictly a long-ranged attack.
  • Molten body - When in motion, it heats up its entire mass to the point of being compared to molten lava, making it easier to crush and destroy constructs, animals, and environments in its way. This ability is stopped though if it ends up blocked by something, or if any other method makes it stop.
  • Absorption and Assimilation - The Cylinder doesn't so much destroy things as it does absorb and assimilate them, making that which it flattens part of itself. This is why the wasteland behind it is barren - it lierally picked the land clean of useful material.