Alien Species
Universe Warcraft
Homeworld Argus
Average Height 2.5 meters
Diet Omnivorous
Intelligence Level Sapient

The Eredar were once a race of supremely talented magic-wielders, known as the masters of magic, who were broken by Sargeras the Destroyer approximately 25,000 years ago when the fallen Titan discovered their homeworld of Argus.

While the original Eredar race might be correctly listed as "extinct in the wild", their corrupted descendants, the Man'ari Eredar, are counted amongst the greatest sorcerers in the universe. Kil'jaeden and Archimonde are both almost as feared as Sargeras, himself.


Before the coming of Sargeras, the Eredar had built themselves a vast civilization of wondrous cities and a society that encompassed a peaceful way of life. Unfortunately for not only their society but for the galaxy at large, Sargeras discovered them 25,000 years ago, and subsequently shattered the tranquility of Argus forever.

Sargeras, a great and corrupted Titan, was looking to create a great legion by creating demons to serve him. It was the Eredar's magical affinities that initially attracted him in the first place, and he soon contacted them. He promised their three leaders - Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, and Velen - immortality and vast powers if they would serve as his first allies. Of the three, only Velen had misgivings, and it wasn't long before both Archimonde and Kil'jaedon agreed to pledge their allegiance Sargeras' new Burning Legion. Being a particularly clever race, the Eredar knew that other sapient beings would inevitably join with the Legion, and so they declared that their primary language, Eredun, should be the Legion's common language. Sargeras allowed this.

Velen watched as his fellow Eredar quickly became corrupted by demonic power, and before long gave up on these lost souls, choosing to lead a small group of the remaining uncorrupted Eredar away from their homeworld by enlisting the help of the Naaru. It was at this point that the first official split between the many Eredar species started - Velen renamed the remnant of his kind the Draenei, which translated to "Exiled Ones" in their native Eredun.

Sadly, the corrupted individuals under Kil'jaeden were infuriated by Velen and the Draenei's actions, perceiving it all as nothing less than betrayal. They chose to hunt the Draenei down, and chased them across several worlds. In the process, the indigenous races of each world were oftentimes mutated by the Eredar's malevolent warlock powers, transmogrifying them into demons as well. Inadvertently, the Draenei were assisting the Burning Legion.

While both the Draenei and the corrupted Eredar - now known as the Man'ari Eredar - continued to use the Eredun language, specific dialects eventually and naturally evolved.

Traveling woefully through the cosmos, the Draenei eventually discovered a world that they decided to settle upon. They named this world Draenor, or "Exile's Refuge". At first it was a peaceful existence, and peace was quickly established between them and the native Orcs who lived there, striking up trade and diplomacy with the shamanistic race. As with all other worlds the Draenei had fled to, they were eventually discovered by their evil cousins. Through Kil'jaeden himself, the Man'ari worked to corrupt the Orcs, and finally succeeded in turning them into warmongerers and granted them access to warlock magics. With this newfound corruption, the Orcs then hunted down the Draenei, nearly wiping out the entire species.

It is unclear whatever truly happened to Argus. Some believe that the demons devoured their own world through the use of radical warlock magics, although information offered by the Draenei may suggest that Sargeras was in fact responsible for its destruction. However, it is possible that it was not at all destroyed, and instead simply stripped of life. If this is the case, it is likely a major stronghold of the Legion. What is known is that the corrupted Eredar consumed all life around them and set out to find more places to satiate their ravenous appetite for mystical power.

Eredar Racial Tree[]

The exact racial history of the Eredar is fuzzy. For instance, it is not well understood the relationship between the Lost Ones and Broken and the Draenei, although it seems likely that Draenei devolve into Broken and then into Lost Ones. On the other side, the corrupted Eredar developed over time into at least two separate forms: the Man'ari Eredar and the Wrathguard Eredar. Along with these two forms, the Ered'ruin and even Fiends may have diverged from the Eredar at some point.

Notable members[]

  • Kil'jaeden the Deceiver
  • Archimonde the Defiler
  • Velen the Divine