Erani are from the planet Mrassdf, the 2nd planet in their solar system which is a hot, windswept world. Its exact location is currently unknown. Erani are the dominant species in their solar system and treat all other races as their servants and inferiors, including humans, which they have only recently encountered. (At this time in Earth history, humans had divided into Spacers and Settlers, and were spread over 140 colonized worlds.) Erani trade regularly with the caninoid beings on their system's 4th planet.

Erani personalities are ambitious, aggressive, inventive, and inquisitive. Erani society is composed of family clans, which are organized into trading groups. They are very competitive and value wealth and prestige.

Physically, Erani are tall and slender, with pale, hairless skin. Their eyes are large, set in the sides of their heads, and are capable of independent functioning, like a chameleon's. They have prominent nostrils and a lipless mouth. Their ears are reduced to holes in each side of their head. Their voices are high-pitched, and when speaking Galactic Standard they trill their "r"s.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Erani weren't created by Asimov, but are featured in the Isaac Asimov's Robot City series, which is set in Asimov's universe and written by numerous authors.

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