The Entooinian blue banthas were sapient, Force-sensitive banthas found on the moon Entooine. The average height of a young blue bantha was two meters, whereas adults generally grew to an average height of three meters. Though named blue, they actually had white fur and were named for their beautiful, light-blue horns which were collectible items offplanet. When attacked, they defended using their horns as well as simply trampling their attackers. Though not very different physically from the normal bantha, all members of the species could use the Force to a small degree. Additionally, they could never forget any memory and were known to pass down their knowledge through the generations. Askhew shamans often communicated with them to ask for advice and received simple answers by watching how the banthas stomped their hoofs. To communicate, they believed they had to approach the blue banthas with the lower leg bone of a standard, brown bantha. Though this was not true, as the blue banthas had their own language, the Askhew simply did not understand it. Jowart Typok was known to hunt blue banthas for their horns sometime during the Galactic Civil War before he was stopped by a group of Rebels.

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