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An Energy Vampire is a very specific kind of Vampire known to feed on the lifeforce of Humans in order to remain alive. These creatures look human in appearance, however these beings are more than just human and are more powerful than any of the average weapons that the military has today.


Physical appearance[]

Energy Vampires are in fact humanoid, however their natural form is that of a large, grotesque bat-like creature which possesses bio-mechanical features in nature. These features are similar to that seen on the Xenomorphs and Sil's Species. It possesses a large cranial cavity somewhat bigger than a Human's and dog-like ears with small red eyes. Their wings are similar to that used on a bat, which seem to be 4-6 feet in length.

With their powers however, these vampires can take the form of any species they come across, which also includes Human. When in Human form, the creatures usually walk about naked, which is most likely due to the fact that their natural forms cannot permit the use of clothing. This is obvious due to the fact that their wings would make it hard for them to put a shirt or a pair of pants on, so walking about in the nude seems more like a comfort or habit they practice when not in their natural form. Despite this, they can acquire clothing in ways similar to that of the Terminator, which is to kill their victims and take their clothing from them.


These beings are known to feed upon the life force of a human being and it usually will turn their victims into energy vampires as well. Usually electric blue beams of energy can be seen when they vampire feeds and as soon as they are finished, their powers and appearance will remain the same, leaving a mummy like corpse of their victims behind. Usually when a victim comes back, they have a certain amount of time to feed before exploding into dust and when they do feed, their skin will regenerate, however they must constantly feed for them to remain the way they were when they died.


Being bat-like creatures, it is hard to understand exactly how these creatures mate and reproduce. It is possible to assume that they can reproduce in the ways of other life they have come across, such as human.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Immortality: Like the vampires who feed upon the blood of the living, these vampires are immortal as long as they feed on the life force of any being they come across. This is a necessity otherwise they will become mummified remains and therefore turn to dust.
  • Life-Force Absorption: As a means of feeding, energy vampires usually feed on the energy of organic life through lip contact, if not close proximity. The energy is absorbed via energy being drained from the victim into the vampire. These vampires also have the ability to drain at least some of the life force from their victims as a means to covering their tracks and leave no victims.
    • Vampirization: As a part of the absorption process, these vampires also have the ability to change normal humans into energy vampires, which was only seen twice.
    • Zombification: Though these beings have the power of vampirization, their method of feeding also causes people to become zombies. This is due to the fact that they collect the energy from a species on a massive scale and store it into their ship for later use. Once the energy is taken, the victim decomposes and desires human flesh.
  • Superhuman Healing: Demonstrated by the two male vampires, these beings are capable of healing their physical forms if damaged is sustained.
  • Invulnerability: These vampires also demonstrated an amazing immunity to pain from weapons like guns and grenades as well as swords. This doesn't mean that their bodies can't be damaged however because the male vampires were shot several times and yet remained upright.
  • Telepathy: Energy vampires are known to possess remarkable telepathic powers, giving them the ability to enter the mind of anyone or anything they come across.
    • Shapeshifting: Like the average vampire, energy vampires have the power to change into any alien lifeform, however this can only occur if they learn from the beings they come across telepathically. They also have the power to change back into their original forms which is in the form of a 6ft bat-like creature. They can also change into other human beings as well so long as they kill the original.
    • Possession: Tom Carlsen had explained to members of the SRC that the vampires possessed a form of telepathic possession giving them full control over anyone they chose. This was mostly seen in use by the female of the species and she used it on both a human woman and man. After the two male vampires died in their original bodies, they took the bodies of others in order to save themselves from death.
    • Telepathic Illusion: When possessing Dr. Armstrong, the female demonstrated the power to project an illusion into Carlson's mind in order to make him believe it was her he was looking at when in reality it was Armstrong.
    • Somnipathy: As Carlsen got some rest, the female entered his mind and began manipulating his sub-conscious and dreams. She appeared to him and in a sense began a mating ritual with him while in his dream.
  • Flight: In their original form, these vampires have the power of flight with the use of their massive wings. Even without the use of their natural form, these vampires can also utilize energy to defy the laws of gravity as well. This was seen after Carlsen impaled both himself and the female with the leaded iron sword and both ascended to the ship.
  • Telekinesis: The female demonstrated strong telekinetic powers as she left the Space Research Center, using them against the guards in her path.
    • Telekinetic Attraction/Repulsion: It seems the female has a very powerful form of pulling and pushing things towards or away her person via telekinesis. This was demonstrated when she knocked the second guard on the ground and then shattered the glass of the SRC headquarters to leave.
    • Telekinetic Choke: Similar to Darth Vader's force choke, the vampires have the ability to use their telekinetic powers to choke other beings.
    • Haemokinesis: A power that was only demonstrated by the female, the vampires have unique haemokinetic powers which give them control of blood. While possessing Dr. Armstrong, the female drained his body of blood and created a clone body of herself, however the body didn't last long and the blood went all over the interior of the helicopter.


  • Leaded Iron: Dr. Hans Fallada killed one of the male vampires with a sword. This particular sword was composed of leaded iron, so any weapon or projectile composed of the substance will kill the vampires. The weapon needs to not hit the heart, but the energy center two inches below the heart.
  • Life-Force Deprivation: Like any other vampire, energy vampires must feed within 2 hours, otherwise their bodies, as well as their powers will begin to degrade. If their hunger is not satisfied after that, they turn into mummified remains and then explode into dust.

Culture and society[]


The technology of the energy vampires is bio-engineering, like Species 8472 or the Breen. The Derelict vessel they use is built out of such technology, making the inside of the craft look like an oversized artery. They also have mastery in terms of forcefield technology, possibly either generated by them or the ship.



  • The ship created for the movie was based around an artichoke.