Alien Species


The Energy Beast is a large, presumably intelligent centipede-like alien which feeds on electric energy. It came to Earth in a flying saucer (mistaken for a meteorite) which crashed in Arizona in 1978.

This creature is naturally large - each footprint about the size of a human -, but becomes many times larger after draining all the energy from the Sundance Mesa Dam, eventually growing to have a body length comparable to Godzilla's. It also has menacing red eyes and several pairs of sharp chelae.

The beast attacks by shooting energy bolts which can easily stun Godzilla. Another notable trait is that it can shapeshifting to mimic the form of other creatures, which it does to become indistinguishable from Godzilla at one point. After being defeated by the real one, it eventually reverts to its original shape and size, and returns to its ship, which is hurled back into space by the victorious monster.


  • The Godzilla Power Hour - s01e06 - "The Energy Beast" (1978)