General Information
Homeworld Europa
Habitat Oceans
Locomotion swimming
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Behind the Scenes
Universe Barotrauma

The Endworm is a titanic, monstrous worm-like creature, and is considered the largest and most destructive of all the inhabitants of Europa.


Endworms, named for their ability to "end" any life it came across, is by far the largest of all the creatures found, easily sizing the largest known earth whales. Their anatomy makes them resemble that of bristle-worms, a type of earth marine worm. The body has a dark rusty color.


Solitary, Endworms have no natural predators apart from eachother, as they are top predators of their range. As their mandibles aren't too coordinated to capture small prey, it only hunts larger prey items, which includes creatures the size of a submarine.

Many reports of missing expeditions and crews had been blamed on the Endworm for its attacks on submarines, forcing crew members to evacuate into the ocean and lose contact.

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