King Xenomorph

The King Xenomorph is the male equivalent of the typical Xenomorph Queen, albeit with many physical differences, such as long pincers on either side of the head and a large pair of insectoid wings on his back. The King possesses near-human intelligence and is the strongest variant of the Xenomorph species, dwarfing even a Queen Mother.

The King is extremely aggressive, as well as territorial. He produces several lesser Xenomorphs at a time to defend his hive from intruders, but because he viciously attacks and kills anyone or anything that moves, his victims are often his own children. Despite these fits of blind rage, the King Xenomorph is highly intelligent, easily able to outwit even the human Marines who visit LV-1313 to search for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's missing uranium miners. Ultimately, the King's murderous, blood-thirsty reign over the planetoid is put to an end when an ancient Queen develops into an Empress, violently killing him and assuming command over all Xenomorphs in the hive just long enough for it to be destroyed in its entirety by the atomic bombs the Marines detonate from their rescue ship.

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