General Information
Homeworld Go'Mo
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Empaths are a race from the planet Go'Mo located within Dimension X.

Biology Edit

The Empaths are small round creatures, resembling bean bags. They are empathic beings capable of sensing the emotions of others and also change colors based on their emotional state. The Empaths evolved on the planet Go'Mo where the laws of physics are emotion based. On their world they are capable of using the planet to empower themselves, making them indestructible. Empaths at the cusp of maturity are said to possess greater control of the emotional based energies.

History Edit

The Empaths lived in peaceful isolation, until the Utrom warlord Kraang discovered their world. After learning of their empathic abilities, Kraang enslaved them, using them in interrogating prisoners. They evaluated prisoners under torture, their emotional states, causing many Empaths to die due to the horrors they were forced to witness. One Empath, B'Heen survived the ordeal and after returning to his people, he was shunned as an outcast due to the trauma he experienced. When Dimension X called forth a trial of Kraang, B'Heen was enlisted to serve as a witness against Kraang by the Turtles, however Kraang hired an assassin who managed to deceive B'Heen, playing on his fear, that the Turtles were the real assassins.

The Turtles managed to use Go'Mo's emotion-based physics to their advantage and defeat the assassin and B'Heen under the protection of the Neutrinos agreed to testify.

Source Edit

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dimension X 001 (2017)
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