The Elysians are sentient robots that were constructed by the Chozo to help maintain their home on Elysia, SkyTown. They now operate the facility in their absence, which currently acts as an automated research station for the Galactic Federation.

The Elysians kept SkyTown in good conditions, yet in later days, the facility soon began to fall into disrepair despite the best efforts of them and their Chozo elders. Because of dwindling supplies and following a failed attempt to use gases from Elysia's atmosphere as an energy source, the remaining Elysians were forced into hibernation to preserve what was left of their resources. The robots watched the world around them through their dreams, and recorded their accounts in Databots.

Following the arrival of a Phazon Leviathan, the Elysians were confronted with the vile corruption it spread, which slowly began to affect those that remained (Helios and the Steamlords possibly being some of the corrupted). Very few Elysians remain, but with Elysia no longer threatened by Phazon Corruption, it is expected that they will recover eventually.

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