The Elongated Crushblat is a species of Mockiwi, only encountered once during Captain Olimar's Sparklium expedition on PNF-404. Upon first finding, it was mistaken for a species from the Crushblat family, and as such was named a type of Crushblat. It wasn't until after some comparison that it was correctly moved into the Mockiwi family.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Elongated Crushblat is, by height, the largest species of Mockiwi, and as with many others of its family group mimic the bipedal Crushblats. Much of its appearance resembles that of an Earth flamingo: its body is covered in pink feathers with yellow and green tips; it has very long legs; and it's a docile creature in comparison to other, smaller Mockiwi. Its beak looks much like a parrot's beak to bite into nuts and berries.

Most of its size is from its very long legs, which are used to aid the creature in reaching high-growing fruits and similar vegetation.

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