Eliza Dushku True Form.jpg
Eliza Patricia Dushku
Universe Hulu
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Hair color Brown (presumed false)
Eye color Brown (presumed false)
Homeworld Unknown
Affiliation Hulu
Eliza Dushku False Form.jpg
Eliza's fake Human visage.

Eliza Patricia Dushku is a seemingly-liquivorous extraterrestrial of an unknown species which currently resides on the planet Earth, plotting with several other extraterrestrials to openly destroy humanity, ultimately planning to consume the brain matter of the entire Human race.

To go forward with this plan, she and the others (who all share enough common physiology to be considered belonging to the same species) have disguised themselves as Humans, created a company known as Hulu, and openly reveal their evil plans of world decimation to the public through commercials, even revealing their actual identities. This is done because they feel superior to the Human race, and have correctly deduced that despite their openly revealing their ultimate plans, no one will do anything to stop them, and so they let their arrogance run wild.

Eliza Dushku has an elongated, prehensile tongue, and if she is of a similar physiology as the other "Hulu Aliens", then she is also comprised of a mass of tentacles with a secondary head in her navel.

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