The Dragons are several kinds exist in the Krosmoz, and relatively little is known about them. All are extremely powerful and have the ability to lay eggs, called Dofus, if they fall in love. Just like Dragons, their Dofus belong to different categories.


Eliatrope Dragons were born of the union of the goddess Eliatrope and the Great Dragon, along with their Eliatrope twins. There are six of them: Adamai, Baltazar, Efrim, Grougaloragran, Phaeris, Shinonome. In addition, each belongs to one of the Dragon categories that follow and is associated with an equivalent type of Dofus. For example, the Eliatrope Emerald Dofus is identical to the Primordial Emerald Dofus in seasons 1 and 2 of Wakfu. In some media, however, Eliatrope Dofus are given a distinct appearance.

When these Dragons die, their Wakfu returns to the Dofus they hatched from until it is ready to hatch again. This can only happen if the Dragon's Eliatrope twin is also in the egg. It is unclear whether Eliatrope Dragons can lay their own eggs like the World of Twelve's Dragons, and whether there were more than the first six.

Brotherly ConnectionEdit

Direct descendants of Eliatrope and the Great Dragon, each Eliatrope of the Council was born from a Dofus they shared with a Dragon twin. This bond is unique among Eliatropes and influences their reincarnation process. Unlike most souls in the Krosmoz who reincarnate freely into a new body, firstborn Eliatropes and Dragons are reborn in the same body, from their Dofus. However, the process can only be completed when both twins have died and their Wakfu has returned to the Dofus.

As explained by Qilby in the animated series, this process can take more time when the individuals sacrifice their Wakfu instead of dying of more natural causes, which explains why Yugo and Adamaï took over 10,000 years to reincarnate and Nora and Efrim have yet to do the same. On the other hand, since Grougaloragran ended his own existence by sending his Wakfu back to his Dofus, it was quickly ready to hatch again (considering that Chibi had already been dead for millenia).


Dragons have their own tongue and alphabet, and their names are, for the most part, particularly long and difficult to pronounce. In Wakfu season 1, episode 23, reversed French speech is used when Drill speaks in Draconic.


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