Universe Ultraman Universe
Homeworld Unknown (presumely Pitt)
Height 53 meters
Weight 25,000 tons
Diet Electricity
Intellect Non-Sapient

Eleking is the monster used by Pitt aliens to cause havoc on Earth. At first, the Eleking is only a small tadpole-like creature with only 1 foot in length. When fully growth, the Eleking is 53 meter carnosaurian creature with 2 hands, 2 feet and a very long tail which it use to constricting foe. The Eleking appear to be an adept swimmer, suggest that it is indeed a creature with aquatic or amphibious origin. It has pale-yellow skin with covered in black tiger stripes.

Like an electric eel, Eleking can emit powerful electrical burst from itself and may shoot elecrical blades from its mouth. Eleking has 2 rotating crescent antennas located where the eyes should be, to see reflected electric like sonar and capable of jamming communication devices.

In Ultraseven Edit

Disguises as human girl, a Pitt alien manage to release a tadpole Eleking into lake after she was caught by two members of the Ultra Garrison and a fisherman, allowing her sister to summon the fully growth Eleking later.

At first, Dan Moroboshi release his capsule monster Miclas against Eleking while he try to retrieve his stolen Ultra Eye from Pitt sisters. Eleking manage to ovepowered Miclas, using its long tail to strikes Miclas beyond its reach and electrode it. However, Dan successfully take the Ultra Eye back from Pitt and transformed into Ultra Seven to fight Eleking. Although Eleking manage to constrict Ultraseven, he can break loose of its tail and destroy Eleking's antenas horns with Emerium Beam. Blind, the creature unable to protect itself as Ultraseven slicing it to pieces with the Eye Slugger.

In Other Series Edit

Rimu Eleking

The Rimu Eleking from Ultraman Max

Eleking reappeared in the series Ultra Fight and several episodes of Redman.

Eleking reappeared against Seven's brother, Ultraman Taro. Although visually the same, this Eleking has ability to breath fire.

Eleking, along with the Pitt aliens, return again in Ultraman Max. This time, Pitt aliens release Eleking right in Tokyo and the creature start feeding on electricity. This caused the city around it to black out.

At first, Eleking escape whenever DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes) team attack it. Although they manage to hold it in one place later with force field device. Ultraman Max quickly defeat Eleking, but it already laid eggs before the fight. These eggs were hatched after the Eleking was killed. Months later, DASH discovered a man in coma state and a dead baby Eleking. by analyzed the signal the dead alien was emitting, they began to search for more of them. Pitt aliens eventually converted all baby Eleking into energy and sent it back to their ship.

In Ultraman Mebius, a small Rimu Eleking was born from mutation of nanomachines with data of the original Eleking. GUYS (Guards for UtilitY Situation) operation unit later adopt it as team's mascot. Like the real Eleking, Rimu Eleking feed on electricity and despite only has size of human infant, Rimu Eleking can powered a ship by itself.

In the Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth video game, Eleking and Ultraseven fought at a dam. When Eleking was defeated, however, Eleking dived into the water and mutated into EX Eleking. Now limbless and serpentine , EX Eleking is incredibly agile despite lacking any limbs and can discharge even more powerful electricity.

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