The "Electric Skulls" are a race of silicon-based lifeforms.

Electric Skulls
Electric Skull
General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body type Skull-like
Skin colors Green
Locomotion Flight
Diet Electricity
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes



According to Pearl, they had been invading the Crystal Palace.

Biology Edit


The Electric Skulls resemble turquoise skulls with green crystals on their eyes and forehead, yellow markings around their eyes, and reddish-pink hair with spiked collars.


The Electric Skulls are able to fly, albeit without any visible means of propulsion.

The Electric Skulls have prehensile hair that can be used to either attack or ensnare opponents, and are able to absorb and discharge electricity.


The Electric Skulls are vulnerable to having their hair pieces removed, which will cause them to be severely weakened.


  • The Electric Skulls seem to be at least partially inspired by the Mexican sugar skulls used during the "Día de los Muertos," or Day of the Dead.
  • The Electric Skulls are the first antagonists in the entire series, albeit minor.


  • Episode 1: "Pilot" (First appearance)


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