Eiria's species are an unnamed race of large technologically advanced reptilian-like creatures.

Biology[edit | edit source]

beast form

They are a fairly tall species, ranging from 6 ft to over 8 (~ 1.82 to 2.43 m). They are omnivores but prefer to eat meat. When eating large amounts of food, they can unhinge their jaws to force more food in. Their saliva has healing properties as well. They are physically stronger than Humans and can knock one out cold with a swish from their tail. All of the species caries some sort of visor that protects their mono-eye. When angered, they can release a limiter to allow them to turn into a beastlier form which is stronger, and faster than their original form.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

This species' culture, according to Eiria, is "boring and drab". Most of her species are scientists and expect their children to also follow in their footsteps. Fun is a foreign concept to their species and all architecture is made only to be practical. Everyone on her homeworld wears the same gray clothing.

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