General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Skin Colors Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple
Locomotion Sliding, Jet propulsion (Giant red Eggbot)
Behavior Friendly
Language Notes on the Solfège Scale
Behind the Scenes
Universe Clangers Universe

The Eggbots are a species of alien seen in the Clangers Universe, there are only eight known specimens.

Description Edit

Eggbot Thrusters

The biggest Eggbot's side thrusters

Eggbots are egg shaped, multi-colored robot like creatures with a single, giant black eye, all of them, excluding the smallest one, can open up to reveal another, much like a Matryoshka doll. Their inside appears to be shiny and grey like tin foil. The biggest one is shown to have rocket jets on it's side and bottom.

Behavior Edit

The Eggbots are rather social, and appear to live in groups of eight consisting of the following Eggbots:

  • Giant Red Eggbot: The biggest Eggbot and leader of Eggbot groups, it bellows out the note, "Do" in a loud voice.
  • Orange Eggbot: The 2nd biggest Eggbot, it says the note, "Re."
  • Yellow Eggbot: The 3rd biggest Eggbot, it says the note, "Mi."
  • Green Eggbot: The 4th biggest Eggbot, it says the note, "Fa."
  • Blue Eggbot: The 4th smallest Eggbot, it says the note, "Sol."
  • Pink Eggbot: The 3rd smallest Eggbot, it says the note, "La."
  • Purple Eggbot: The 2nd smallest Eggbot, it says the note, "Ti."
  • Small Red Eggbot: The smallest Eggbot, it says the note, "Do" like the Big Red Eggbot, except in a higher pitch.

Eggbots practically live with each other, as they enter one another like the aforementioned matryoshka dolls, and the eight known ones have visited the planet which the Clangers live on. The biggest Eggbot uses it's thrusters to carry it and the rest of it's friends inside of it.

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