Efy Dolgh is an interstellar empire of clones that attempted to invaded Earth in the anime series Kuromukuro.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Based on the anime is seems that Efy Dolgh is an empire of clones created from the DNA of conquered races. These clones are implanted with nanomachines granting them longevity and regenerative abilities. These nanomachines enable them to operate the large mechanical Geoframes. In addition they are implanted with false memories from races previously conquered worlds to give them a basic standard template of their origins. Only the senior commanders of the frontier reform officers are aware of their origins.

History[edit | edit source]

Over 450 years ago the Efy Dolgh launched an unprovoked attack on the world of Chi-one Sagittarii, homeworld of the Oni. The Oni were subjugated but a small resistance team, managed to hijack a mothership. Using the stolen vessel, the Oni resistance followed a scout ship that was sent to Earth.

The Oni crashed their ship into the scout ship, damaging it. Both forces landed in Japan during the Sengoku era. Majority of the Oni were killed saved one, Zelleager "Zell" Myundef Vishrai. He allied himself with the remnants of the Washiba Clan who suffered the initial assault by the alien invaders. Using a stolen Geoframe, the two groups managed to destroy the remaining Efy Dolgh forces before they could contact the mainforce.

450 years later, and in the present day, its Gezon-Reco Squad arrived to follow up on the scout force's progress. The second invasion was foiled but according to the commander another invasion force would reach Earth in 220 cycles. However he also reported that the Efy Dolgh were facing an outside opposition, with many of its subject worlds uniting against the clone empire.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Little is know about the Efy Dolgh save that they are a highly advanced culture possessing advanced biotechnology, mechaframes, and wormhole technology.

With the self-proclaimed mission of "civilizing the galaxy" the Efy Dolgh considered it an acceptable description on the basis of reality operating on the principle of survival of the fittest, with the weak serving the strong.

The creators of the Efy Dolgh themselves do not take part in the conquest, leaving the campaign through their clones and mech thralls.

The clones under the command of Efy Dolgh are ignorant of their origins. Totally fanatic and blindly loyal to the cause their only wish is to civilize the galaxy under the banner of Efy Dolgh. When confronted by the fact that the their DNA is the same as the race they are attempting to conquer, the clones merely state it to be proof that the Efy Dolgh are a progenitor race that seeded life with their DNA. They are programmed to believe this lie, seeing it as further justification for their imperialism.

The attire worn by the Efy Dolgh clones are similar to medieval knights, suggesting a warrior orient society.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Efy Dolgh have a very systematic approach in conquering worlds. They prefer to conquer worlds through overwhelming force to achieving maximum victory. In order to do this, once a newly conquered world has been subjugated, a ruling class of Eft Dolgh will be installed to dominate the world. They will utilize the world's resources to create a fleet of motherships to be launched at the next viable target and further expand their territory. The construction of the fleet halts until the conquered world is depleted of all resources.

Due to the insurmountable distance of life-sustaining worlds, travel greatly hinders them so automated scout ships are launched to build a path to these worlds. These scout ships contain on board factories that create clones of the previous conquered race to serve as their commanders. At most seven clones are created and direct the automated forces from their mothership, only utilizing their Geoframes unless necessary. Their senior commander is a veteran clone of a previous conquest, with full knowledge of their true origins.

Once the scout ship has detected a new world it would assemble the hinge stone, an advance spatial artifact that would open a wormhole to the main fleet. Once the task is completed, the senior clone is authorized to dispose of the rest of the clones.

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