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Edosians, sometimes referred to as Edoans or Triexians, are a sapient race native to planet Edos.



Arex in zero gravity.

Although not possessing real trilateral symmetry, the number three is very present in the Edosian anatomy, as they have three legs, three arms, three fingers on each hand and three toes on their feet. They also have a digitigrade posture, orange skin and a bony head.

Edosians are described as being long-lived and having quick reflexes. Because of their long life expectancy, it is extremely rare for Edosians to have more than one offspring.

Culture and society[]

They are a very peaceful species and worship many gods. The Edosian architecture is notable for being strictly functional rather than aesthetically pleasant.

Although this race is not a member of the United Federation of Planets (as of the 23rd century at least), one Edosian called Arex did serve in Starfleet as a navigator aboard the USS Enterprise, from 2269 to 2270.


  • Star Trek: The Animated Series

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