General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe A Drop of Blood

The Edinar are a sapient alien species regarded as creative and highly intelligent, and also have a genetic predisposition to psychic talents.

Biology Edit

The Edinar are humanoids. A few, known as sirens, can use their voice to directly connect to the nervous system of some species and either freeze or stimulate it. Edinar are biologically capable of recognizing their future mates on sight. They are biologically related to the Reska.

Culture and society Edit

Edinar as a race are designed to be creative, artistic and powerful. The sirens in particular are a group of Edinar capable of using their psychic voices. They're divided in various clans and structured in a caste system.

History Edit

Due to their psychic abilities, several races saw the Edinar as a threat and destroyed their colony world, leaving only a few survivors, which were subsequently captured and turned into trophies or pets by other species. The Reska; being a sister species of the Edinar; were furious at their kin's treatment by the wider Coalition, and made it their mission to free as many Edinar as possible; whether by diplomacy, bartering, or force.

Appearances Edit

  • A Drop of Blood, by Viola Grace
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