Edgar the Bug
Biography Information
True Identity Unknown
Alias Edgar
Homeworld Hiveworld
Species Bug
Gender Male
Death 1997
Hair Color Black (human form)

N/A (True form)

Eye Color Blue (human form)

Yellow (true form)

Family Edwin (brother, deceased)
Language English
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Men In Black
Performed by Vincent D'Onofrio
"Edgar the Bug: Place projectile weapon on the ground.
Edgar: You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
Edgar the Bug: Your proposal is acceptable.
―Edgar's first conversation in the movie.

Edgar the Bug was a Bug that traveled to the planet Earth in search of a miniature galaxy that was on the planet, and was confronted by the human organization, the Men in Black and later killed by Agents J and K.


Edgar first came to Earth looking for an extremely valuable miniature galaxy owned by the Arquillians. He crashed his flying saucer into a Chevrolet C-10 truck owned by a farmer named Edgar. When Edgar came to investigate the crash site, Edgar (the bug) asked him to drop his shotgun. When Edgar (the farmer) refused, he was grabbed by the Bug and got turned inside out and his skin was used as a disguise that the Edgar-bug used for the rest of the movie (sans the finale). He then came into the farmer's home and asked for sugar from the other Edgar's wife, Beatrice, and then made her faint by pulling his skin back (see photo).


Edgar (in disguise)

The next day, an exterminator came to kill some of the bugs that tagged along with Edgar. Edgar then confronted him and killed him by inserting the exterminator's bug spray pack's tube into his mouth and turned it on, killing the exterminator. After stealing his van (and inserting his saucer into it), he came to New York City looking for the Arquillian who kept the galaxy, Rosenberg. He managed to trail him from his jewelry store to a Russian restaurant, where Rosenberg met up with another Arquillian. Disguising himself as a waiter, he killed the two Arquillians, and took what he thought was the container of the galaxy, but when he tried to open it, it was just a bunch of diamonds. The galaxy was, in fact, with Rosenberg's cat, Orion, who was in a morgue.

He came back to Rosenberg's store and eventually found out that Orion did have the galaxy with him. Edgar then notices a tow truck driver attempting to repo his van. Edgar threatens the driver with his shotgun but the driver shows a revolver thinking Edgar would be intimidated. He then escaped from J and K, the two MIB agents trailing him, by stealing the tow truck (as he shot the operator), and driving away, though Jay managed to separate the vehicle (and to an extent, his ship) from the truck and goes to the morgue where Orion is. Arriving at the morgue, he trapped a morgue assistant named Newton, and then takes the resident morgue worker Laurel Weaver hostage. J and K eventually get to the morgue and try to stop him, but he manages to get away again, along with Laurel and Orion. He steals a taxi, swallows the galaxy (which is in a special container), and heads to where some hidden flying saucers are (which is in Queens), but J and K catch up to him.

He manages to get on one of the hidden ships, but the agents manage to shoot his ship down. Angered, Edgar then sheds his human skin into a gigantic cockroach. After Edgar eats their guns and easily overpowers them, K allows himself to get eaten by Edgar so that he can get his gun back. J then distracts him long enough, and K manages to get his gun from Edgar's belly and shoots off the front part of Edgar's body. The duo then manage to find the galaxy, which was in a stream of Edgar's internal fluids that leaked out after Edgar's front body got blasted off. However, Edgar's front body, which is still alive, tries to sneak up on the agents and eat them, but is killed off for good when Laurel (who was left in a tree by Edgar and managed to get down) blasts him with J's gun.


Edgar's cameo in Men In Black The Series

He then made a cameo appearance in the second season of Men In Black: The Series in one of K's flashbacks as his twin brother, Edwin was trying avenge his brother's demise by getting back at Dr. Weaver.


Like all bugs, Edgar is simply an heavily altered version of a normal insect. In his case, he is a physically-altered version of a cockroach. He has sharp teeth, appendages on his mouth, and a stinger.


  • Flexibility - Edgar could easily fit himself into a human body, despite being an 11-foot tall cockroach. However, this made for a highly unconvincing disguise.
  • Mimickry - Edgar could also change his voice.
  • Strength - Even in human form, Edgar could push a flying saucer and put it in a van. K even made a comment that he had unlimited strength.
  • Endurance - Edgar could survive getting shot in half.


Sugar craving, inferiority complex, weak underbelly, and feelings for bugs getting killed.


  • In the novelization of the Men In Black movie, his actual name is Kerb.
  • His goals were pretty much the same as Boris the Animal and Serleena's.
  • He, among all of the main villains in the series, is the only one without henchmen.