Alien Species

The Ebranites were a humanoid race that had evolved in the harsh canyons of the planet Ebra. The Ebranites have six, multi-jointed arms that allow them to climb the rocky canyon walls. Each arm ends in four long fingers and two opposing thumbs, which provide sure grips in almost any situation. Their two legs were short and heavy, having evolved in support of their large upper bodies. Thus, Ebranites have difficulty walking upright and prefer climbing over walking.

They were fiercely loyal to their families and their clans, and early Ebranite civilization was marked by clan wars. The clans have since become interconnected, and the advancement of their race had been remarkable. There were clans that have remained at war with each other, much to the dismay of the leadership council.

The Ebranite race's ancient wars were violent, for the Ebranite physiology pumps huge amounts of adrenaline when they were under stress. They were calm peaceful under most circumstances, but can be whipped into a combat rage in almost no time. They have a primitive technology, and were subjugated by the Empire and put to work in the lu-ramin mines. Many fled their homeworld ot join the Alliance.