General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Planetoid Universe

The Ebotak are a race of humanoids from the Planetoid Universe.

Biology Edit

They are a blue skin race of large humanoids that stand about six feet tall. Four bulb like mandibles emerge from their mouths, with a stubby vertical line of ridges erupting from their foreheads.

The Ebotak are mute thus rely on a complex form of sign language. According to Dr. Robert Verona, he believes that the Ebotak sign language evolved as a need to communicate during group hunts.

In personal life, Ebotak communicate their emotions through using their facial nodes. Through these communions they develop deeply intimate social bonds.

History Edit

The Ebotak were one of the many races victimized by the Ono Mao. During the Ono Mao's colonial rule of their world, the Ebotak were enslaved.

Culture Edit

The Ebotak are a tribal culture, living in the wild jungles of their homeworld. They are a communal race relying on each other during hunting expeditions. In the sacred coming of age ceremonial hunt, young makes must hunt and kill the greatest predator, the Diablodon.

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