General Information
Homeworld Yavaun
Height Roughly Human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe War Wind Universe

The Eaggra are a race of sentient plants from the planet Yauvan.

History Edit

The Eaggra were a peaceful race of plants, until the Tha' Roon enslaved them. By the labor of a thousand years these slaves have built the Tha' Roon Empire. When the Obblinox revolted against the Tha' Roon, the snake-like overlord were powerless to prevent the Eaggra insurrection.

After centuries of slavery, the Eaggra race was finally freed from the yoke of the Tha' Roon tyrants and chose to fight against the tyranny of their former masters.

Biology Edit

The Eaggra resemble a mass of vines and leaves bundled together, but with a numerable distinct yellow eyes on vine stalks.

Culture Edit

The Eaggra are very attuned with nature and establish themselves in clans, and are highly skilled in building and crafting.

Terminology Edit

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