Alien Species

The Dynamite

DynaMite, or known more easily as Mites, are suicidal warriors working for the Grox. On the mission Infestation, the player will notice small insectoid creatures carrying bombs towards them, which as it turns out will inevitably detonate after a set period of time or by attacking them. The Mites themselves die by any sort of attack (probably excluding bite 1-3 and low level spits and charges on impact) and do not seem to care that when the bomb explodes they themselves are killed in the blast.

Mites are also thought to be smaller and less-evolved versions of the Insectrox (in a working game of Spore known as Insectrox Commanders); this is thought because there is no creature labeled as Insectrox Warrior, the Mites themselves do not attack and their bombs do little more than take away 10-20 lifepoints, they are little more than a distraction but a distraction enough for a Dronox Soldier, Dronox Commander or even possible an Insectrox Commander to attack and kill a foe.