One of the bizarre Dyktonian mutations.

Dykhtonians are a highly advanced species of humanoids (at least in the past).


Dykhtonians have very special features―there aren't any standards of Dykhtonian's appearance. In the ancient past, Dykhtonians looked exactly like humans. After the invention of biological modification, the entire race started to change their natural appearance in a way similar to fashion. Each generation had its own way to metamorphose. Some youngsters made themselves long and completely impractical tentacles, the other ones modified their face to look more beautiful and some rebellious teens made some additional organs in impractical places, for example eyeballs inside an axle.

After a few hundreds years, the mutations started to be more and more bizarre―Dykhtonians made themselves additional limbs, tails, new organs programmed only for making pleasure etc. This was the dawn of the fall of this once proud race.


The longest stage of biofashion was permanently increasing their brains to truly gigantic sizes, in only a short time leading to the beginning of mind towers―huge structures completely composed of the Dykhtonians' own brains, with themselves as dwarfed bodies in the highest chambers of towers. People of Dykhtonia quickly started to achieve almost cosmical states of intelligence. This considerably peaceful stage was interrupted by the Dykhtonians themselves. Led by their own greed and envy started to destroy each other's mind towers, they eventually caused a global civil war.


After the end of war Dykhtonians returned to the regular appearance due to the death of all enhanced ones. The authoritarian dictature took over the entire world. Now the citizens of Dykhtonia couldn't modify their bodies as they would want - every single mutation was arbitrarily controlled by giant machine. Each mutation had to be designed for the perfection of Dykhtonians species.


  • Polish novel The Star Diaries
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