Dwiergeths are powerful, mountain-dwelling predators native to the Abyss. Due to their extradimensional "forever gullet," they are constantly and insatiably hungry. Unlike most of the Abyss' residents, they are biological creatures rather than spiritual beings like true demons.

Description Edit

Anatomy & Physiology Edit

A dwiergeth's body resembles nothing so much as a large lump of flesh. Bristles emerging from its body act as "eyes," allowing it to see in all directions. It has four insectoid, multi-jointed legs ending in suckers rather than feet. Two serpentine tentacles extend from just behind its front legs, each ending in a gnashing, snake-like mouth. Dwiergeths are resistant to extremes of temperature and harm from most weapons, and are outright immune to poison.

The dwiergeth digestive system, or forever gullet, consists of an endless, extradimensional tract of tooth-lined intestines that slash at swallowed objects. This gullet can ensnare creatures attempting to teleport while near a dwiergeth. A dwiergeth's death results in the collapse of this space, disgorging the objects into normal space. A dead dwiergeth's digestive tract simply appears to connect one mouth to the other.

Diet Edit

Dwiergeths are carnivores. They wait in ambush for prey, and then use their wind powers to knock prey off cliffs or into rocks, as they prefer meat "tenderized" in this way.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Dwiergeths have the power to magically manipulate wind. They automatically use this to soften falls, but more often use it as an offensive weapon against prey.

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