General Information
Scientific name Mandarachnia ???
Homeworld PNF-404
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Diet NGrass nectar
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behavior docile
Subspecies/Races Titan Dweevil
Racial Abilities Elemental powers
Status Common
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Dweevil is a spider-like creature discovered during the numerous expeditions onto PNF-404. They were first discovered by Captain Olimar.

Description Edit

The Dweevil is a fairly small to medium sized creature, with a leg span of over 50 millimeters across. By technicality, they have six limbs like true insects, but only two of these are used for locomotion, as the third pair at the front is used for manipulation of other objects. Dweevils have four eyes on their heads, and a sideways-opening, weak jaw for sipping up grass nectar.

A known trait of the Dweevil is its habit of finding various objects and carrying them over their bodies. This behavior is suggested to be a form of mimicry, though the actual behavior leans more towards the idea of the Dweevil finding armor to carry. They've been observed carrying inorganic objects, animal corpses, and in some cases ancient relics.

They seem to hold a special relationship with Pikmin, in the fact that different subspecies of Dweevils seemingly match the same types and colorations of different Pikmin Species. The only main exception to this rule if the Flying Pikmin, mainly because no subspecies of Dweevil is capable of flight.

Subspecies Edit

Anode Dweevil Edit

Anode Dweevil attack
This species of Dweevil is notable for not only its yellow coloration, but also its differentiating colored eyes: the top pair violet as the power pair is blue. This species of Dweevil is considered by many explorers as the most dangerous Dweevil discovered, mostly due to the electrical discharges it releases upon being attacked. This comes for a specialized internal organ that releases electrical energy.

It is the Dweevil equivalent to the Yellow Pikmin.

Caustic Dweevil Edit

Caustic Dweevil attack
Caustic Dweevils are notable for their blue coloration. Compared to other subspecies of Dweevils, this type of Dweevil is more associated with water, often found near or even within small ponds and streams. This species is highly acidic, and if agitated it will release a form of acidic liquid which is enough to corrode and oxidize a Hocotatian space suit. According to Louie, if one ate the meat of this Dweevil, then the meat will cause arm flailing and enthusiastic washing.

It is the Dweevil equivalent to the Blue Pikmin.

Fiery Dweevil Edit

Fiery Dweevil Attack
Considered by many explorers as the most common known variant, the Fiery Dweevil is notable for its red coloration. It doesn't actively harm other creatures, like other Dweevils, but it is still considered a highly dangerous insect towards Pikmin. This is due to its ability to ignite flammable gasses inside its body, which are released through its jaws, setting a small area ablaze underneath the creature. It itself isn't effected by this fire, but it will brutally burn nearby enemies and predators if caught in it.

It is the Dweevil equivalent to the Red Pikmin.

Munge Dweevil Edit

Munge Dweevil attack
This species of Dweevil is notable thanks to its purple coloration. It is highly poisonous to eat, and while the exact effects of consuming the creature is unclear, it is highly advised not to eat it under any circumstances. Its name associated with filth, the Munge Dweevil is capable of creating a chemical mixture within itself that, upon exposure to the air, creates a highly poisonous cloud. It is toxic to most who breathe it, though explorers often are safe of this mixture thanks to their air filters.

Despite its coloration, this is the Dweevil equivalent to the White Pikmin.

Volatile Dweevil Edit

Volatile Dweevil explode
Seemingly suicidal by nature, the Volatile Dweevil is a orange-colored Dweevil that has a strong fixation towards a local mineral known as Bomb-Rocks, and other explosive objects. Very little is truly understood about this species in particular, mostly because specimens that are attempted to be studied will "activate" their explosive objects, and will explode when near another creature. Not only is this a potent attack, but also kills the holder as well.

It is unknown which Pikmin equivalent matches this Dweevil, if any, though some do suggest it could be the Dweevil equivalent to the Rock Pikmin.

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