The Dwarf Bulborb is a small carnivorous creature commonly found within PNF-404, first being discovered during the first visit from Captain Olimar.

As the name implies, though misleading as it is, Dwarf Bulborbs all are mirror larger Bulborb species (or Bulblaxes in the case of the dwarf Bulblax), to the point when it's almost impossible to tell one from the other in anatomy or in photography. In respect they mirror the Red Bulborb, Orange Bulborb, Hairy Bulborb, and Fiery Bulblax, though it's possible other species exist.


The Fiery Dwarf Bulblax.

Despite the name and appearance, these creatures are actually more closely related to Breadbugs than any Bulborb, the four main species only mimicking the appearance and behavior of the larger predators, and staying near them for protection against other predators.

Aside from size, there are some behavioral differences: They are daytime hunters, as opposed to the nocturnal Bulborbs, and they are also more sociable, often found in groups of up to three or four.

Notes Edit

  • The Fiery Dwarf Bulblax is the only Dwarf Bulborb to mimic a Bulblax (in this case the Fiery Bulblax), rather than a typical Bulborb.
    • It's also the only Dwarf Bulborb who's scientific name doesn't start with "pansarus psuedoculii", with its scientific name being "Oculus volcanus parvusii". curiously, "Oculus" is the scientific term for true Grub-Dogs.
  • Despite mimicking the Hairy Bulborb, the Snow Bulborb isn't able to grow its own coat of fur.
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