Dust is an advanced nanotechnology able to manipulate reality. It is able to affect living organisms and even machinery granting them near supernatural abilities.

History Edit

The Endless developed technology that was so advanced that they were able to upload their minds and consciousnesses into computers, thus gaining virtual immortality.

Through a mastery of nano-engineering, the Endless created an infrastructure of nanobots and nano-computers to maintain their society.

In current galactic civilization it is used as a universal currency.

Uses Edit

Dust is a highly malleable substance with various mutagenic traits, able to accelerate the evolution of an entire species both organic and synthetic.

The Endless used these infinitesimally small machines to help maintain their biological bodies, while others used it to create virtual bodies.

The technology was sufficiently advanced to self-replicate itself and self-assemble. Individual motes of Dust have very limited computing power, but when "clouds" of Dust could formed they could network and form extremely sophisticated systems.

Notes Edit

  • While previous lore material state Dust as an artificial creation by the Endless, Endless Legends contradicts it due to the existence of Skrollos the Dust Guardian who predates the Endless.
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