Duke McQueen

Duke McQueen is the main protagonist in the limited comic series, Starlight (2014).

Background Edit

A former United States Air Force pilot with the rank of Captain, Duke was transported to the world of Tantalus through a space rift, where after a series of adventures became a legendary hero.

History Edit

Dukr McQueen was a captain in the United States Air Force that was transported to Tantalus through a rift, while testing an experiment aircraft. He befriended Attala, a Tantalan princess, and together went on on many adventures to free Tantalus from the dictator Typhon. He fought Typhoon in single combat, defeating him.

Duke became close to Attala during his adventures, and though their were many tense moments between them, with Attala offering to make him her lover and consort, he politely declined wishing to return to his love on Earth.

The hero was given a ceremony that celebrated him as a hero to Tantalus his face and deeds broadcast throughout the galaxy.

When he returned to Earth, telling its people of his adventures, he was met with scrutiny and disbelief. He was regarded as a nut by his town, the world, and even his own children. The only one who believed his claims was his wife Joanne.

Forty years later, Duke now 68 and a widower, attends the funeral of Joanne who died from breast cancer. His sons already grown and having children and lives of their own leave him in a depressed state. On the first anniversary of his wife's passing, his sons have passed out on the event, leaving him lonely and long for the glory days of Tantalus.

That night he is visited by a rocket ship, carrying young Tantalan boy named Krish Moor, who urged him to return to Tantalus to free its people from the Broteans. Though sympathetic towards the Tantalans' plight, Duke was reluctant to go believing he was too old and not the man he was forty years ago.

Krish dishearten that his hero had given up, stated that he would return back to Tantalus the next day. Duke reflecting his words, ultimately decides to help Tantalus. Donning his old polyester Tantalan uniform he joined Krish aboard the rocket ship.

When they arrived at Tantalus he was horrified to see the state of the world, being exploited for minerals, many of its cultures massacred, and its people enslaved. After fighting a few Brotean police officers beating down a defenseless man, Duke and Krish were captured. In prison they met an Earth enthusiast named Wes Adams. The Brotean leader, Kingfisher, knowing Duke's reputation planned to publicly execute him before all of Tantalus. The trio was saved by Tilda Starr, and the Resistance. After bring the aged hero back to their base, with the intent of having him lead the rebellion. However Wes turned out to be a Brotean spy who contacted the Broteans army, capturing everyone save for Duke. Duke fell into the sea, and was taken under by the savage Charybdis. Duke with great difficulty managed to kill his underwater assailants and made his way back towards land. Using a transmitter from a dead rebel, Duke rallied the Tantalans to stand with him to fight for their freedom. Inspired by the tales they heard from birth of Duke McQueen and embolden by his presence the Tantalans overwhelmed the Brotean ground forces guarding the Kingfisher's lair. After Duke had freed his comrades, he wrecked havoc in the palace, killing numerous members of the Brotean Royal Family. He was telekinetically dragged by the Kingfisher to his personal trophy room. The tyrant proceeded to crush his heart, McQueen however took several shots at the ceiling weakening the chandelier that hanged hundred of swords the Kingfisher had taken from Attala's guards. With the Kingfisher's attention divert to hold the ceiling, McQueen shot in the chest breaking his concentration causing the vengeful sword to impale him.

The Broteans were defeated, and McQueen was given a medal for his bravery. The offer was made to have him become King of Tantalus, but he declined stating he had a family back on Earth waiting for him. However he recommended Tilda to take on the mantle seeing she was a brave woman who he believed Attala would be proud to have as a successor.

Krish returned him to Earth, however he contacted Duke's sons and passed the rocket ship by their residences making them gape in disbelief. Later to get his hero the recognition he deserved after saving his world twice, parked the ship before the White House, causing a media hysteria.

A year later McQueen enjoyed a night having dinner with his sons and their families. He noted since that day, and the revelation of his adventures being true, they have become much closer. In addition the town in which Duke lived and ridiculed him now honor him by declaring it to be his hometown.

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