Alien Species

The Dubtaks evolved on a world full of aggressive, competitive life. If a Bengal tiger, raging bull elephant, or adult male gorilla were set down anywhere on this planet, it would be consumed in seconds.

Although they are not especially aggressive themselves, they survived by excelling at hiding and watching. Their senses cover a vast spectrum of phenomena, so they can tell that something is headed their way when it is still far away. They move like the wind and their flexible bodies can fit in small holes and cracks easily.

Their history is full of covert wars of information and espionage. Their natural abilities and their love of technological gadgetry make them supreme stealers of research.

Starting Narrative[]

Our spies report that some scientists on the Great Southern Continent have discovered the signs of technologically advanced species on other worlds.
If our stealth masters could infiltrate the research centers of the Polar Island and acquire their construction technology, we could combine it with our own secret knowledge and be the first tribe of Dubtaks to contact the otherworlders.
With the exclusive knowledge of alien technological secrets, our tribe could ensure its security. However, be cautious of the otherworlders--some of them could be more a threat than a source of information.

Special Ability[]

Unsportsmanlike Scientists: The Dubtaks are unsportsmanlike scientists. You can steal any technology known by at least two other races.