General Information
Homeworld Monster World
Habitat Forests
Height 5-6 feet (in human form)
Diet Soil and water
Sapience level Sapient
Language English
Subspecies/Races Individuals
  • Laurel
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Troop Universe

Dryads are monsters with the ability to transform into either a tree, a human, or any kind of cross between the two. They are normally peaceful, but a Dryad is fearsomely protective of its forest.

Troop NotesEdit

The Dryads are friendly monsters that Troop edict 12.43.A states can be allowed to co-exist in our world if an agreement with it can be reached. But much caution is to be used with them. They are very protective of any forest area they claim as their own and will transform anyone they feel threatened by into trees. Dryads, themselves, have the ability to take either human or tree form.

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