Alien Species
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Universe Blacksite Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height ~5 feet
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

The Drudge, nicknamed "Octopus-Dogs", are a race of Xenos and, like the rest of them, are a hybrid of mundane Earth biology and alien energies and gases. They were among the species that the Reborn released from Area 51. They are approximately 5 feet tall, with much of their height being taken up by their swollen headpiece. They have a four-part jaw similar to a Yautja or Sangheili's and a large and bulbous head flanked by four muscled legs similar to those of a sand crab but dark brown in colour and with large claws on the end.

Drudges travel in packs, taking on potential prey items with lethal lunges followed by gnashing and clawing. This often reduces the victim to piles of shredded flesh and clumps of bone.