General Information
Other Names Little Fishy Mans
Homeworld Zaurik
Locomotion Powered swimming, flopping aimlessly on land
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Unpleasant
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ratchet & Clank Universe

"Unpleasant, dreadful, dreadful, dreadful little creatures..."
―The Aphelion on Drophyds [src]

The Drophyds were an unpleasant race of fish-like aliens from the oceanic world of Zaurik.


Despite their infamous record, the Drophyds themselves aren't particularly frighting looking, in fact, they were quite harmless looking. Drophyds consisted of a small body and a large mouth merged into one. Below its small body were four small tentacles, which are used for manipulation, though too what extent is unknown. Drophyds also had two large yellow eyes to observe the world around them.

Drophyds being an aquatic species, were unfit for environments above the surface of the water, which is why Drophyds always travelled within suits that contained water. If a Drophyd had the misfortune of being on dry land, they would slowly dry up.

Ironically, Drophyds were considered a delicacy by some sapient species, such as the Tharpods, who were known to eat them in the form of Drophyd Stew. Perhaps Drophyds were naturally aggressive in part because they were considered tasty by other sapients and they were naturally vulnerable outside of water.


Long ago, the Drophyd homeworld of Zaurik was invaded by their rivals, the aggressive an warlike Terraklons who were led by their finest assassin, Flint Vorselon. Luckily for the Drophyds, they not only managed to stop the invasion, but they also left Vorselon nothing but a talking head, literally.

Years later, the last known Cragmite in existence, a prince by the name of Percival Tachyon approached the Drophyds with an offer they couldn't refuse. In exchange for serving him, Tachyon would give them boatloads of Raritanium he had attained from his personal army of robots he created, the [[Space Pirate (Ratchet & Clank|Space Pirates). With an army of loyal Drophyds at his service, he left his Space Pirates to rot on Praxus Seven. The Drophyds first aided him by invading the Lombax homeworld of Fastoon, where they slaughtered them by the thousands while the rest of the species fled into another dimension.

From then, the Drophyds kept the rest of the Polaris Galaxy in line, and aided Tachyon in his hunt for the "Lombax Secret."

When Ratchet and Clank put an end to Tachyon, the Drophyds no longer posed a serious threat to the galaxy.

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  • Orz, a similar fish-like species from the Star Control universe who also move around in similar environmental suits.
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