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The Dronox are a race of creatures found within the SPORE Universe, holding a connection to the hostile Grox, in accordance to numerous resources.


The entire race of Dronox is seen as cyborg-like: organic bodies with mechanical attachments to the tissue. Almost their entire bodies are covered in mechanical armor, and mechanical enhancements mostly for combat purposes. Physically, the Dronox come in two different forms:

  • Conquix - the Conquix are bipedal creatures, with their heads completely covered in machinery, making facial recognition impossible. They can grow to fairly tall size, with some individuals lacking the seemingly common webbing in their hands, and some having raptor-like claws on their feet.
  • Insectrox - The Insectrox are less human-like, and more akin to arachnids. These Dronox don't have as much mechanical structures as the Conquix, much of their armor made up of organic materials, but they are rarer in comparison.


The Dronox are an enslaved race of creatures under the hostile Grox, most if not all of the race being genetically modified and cloned to better suite the Grox's needs, being referred to as the Grox's new weapon of mass destruction. It is entirely unknown as to what their society was like prior to this, if they had one.

Both Conquix and Insectrox subraces are primarily used as means of wiping out lifeforms on other planets for the Grox, which the Dronox seemingly relish in as much as their overlords. They even referred to life outside of the Grox and themselves as just "scum".


While it is very little known of any of their history prior to their enslavement by the Grox, is it interesting to note that the Insectrox hold a surprising resemblance to the currently extinct Tick, possibly an ancestor to the Insectrox's subrace of Dronox.