The Drones are the more common Alien species of the horde appearing on Earth since 2031's Meteor Strike on the planet.

Appearance Edit

Drones are vaguely simian-like alien creatures commonly found in large groups called swarms. They have a large singular eye on their heads, and their mouth is opened with tons of sharp teeth and four tentacles bordering its jaws. Normal Drones have pinkish pale skin.

Two other variants are known to exist.

  • Spitter Drones are notable compared to other Drones by their greenish bodies.
  • Heavy Drones are much larger than the other Drones. Their heads have crests that resemble a crab's shell, and have darker skin.

Abilities Edit

The Spitter Drones are known to shoot out acid projectiles at their targets.

Behavior Edit

Drones are never found alone. Relatively weaker than most other Aliens of the horde, Drones will swarm their prey in large numbers to subdue and overpower it.

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