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The Drengin, known collectively as the Drengin Empire, are one of the designated "evil" races of the game Galactic Civilizations and easily the most hated empire in the galaxy. They live under an oppressive empire, ruled by the ruthless Lord Kona, and seek to conquer and enslave all other races in the galaxy.


The Drengin are brutish simians that generally have green skin and crimson manes. Their innate ruthlessness and burning ambition adds to their military ability, their bloodthirsty armies capable of crushing resistance and subjugating enemy worlds, rivalled only by their counterpart, the Yor Collective. Generally, they are hated by all other races, particularly the Torians, who had formerly been enslaved by the Drengin. Their most disturbing trait is their liking of human a delicacy.

The Drengin have fought wars against an alliance of the Terrans, Altarians, Torians and Arceans with the help of the Yor. Recently, they had accidentally freed the Dread Lords from their pocket-dimension prison after finding and activated the Arnor device that had kept them sealed away. A Drengin faction known as the Korath, after the Dread Lord invasion, seceded from the empire after striking a deal with the Dread Lords. The Korath still pursue the Drengin's goal of galactic domination, but they seek to exterminate all other races rather than enslave them. Because the Korath's omnicide would hurt the Drengin in the long run, they were declared enemies of the empire.