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The Drell are a reptilian race native to Rakhana. They are similar in appearance to the Amphibiosans, and act similarly to the Vulcans. When their homeworld was dying, this species were rescued by the Hanar. After their first encounter, the Drell have been loyal to the Hanar and eventually moved on to adjust to galactic civilization.


Drell are omnivorous reptile-like humanoids with a lifespan up to 85 years. These species have dense muscle tissue which allows for wiry strength. Most reptilian traits are concealed yet have a hyoid bone in the throat. This bone allows to inflate their throats and produce vocal sounds outside human range. They also have two sets of eyelids and have the ability to shed tears.

Since their ancestors originated in arid, rocky environments, the humid, ocean-covered planet of Kahje proved tolerable only if Drell are contained in a climate-controlled dome city. Long-term exposure to humid environments can prove fatal, causing the Kepral's Syndrome - the leading cause of death for Drell on Kahje. This syndrome erodes the ability of the lungs to take in oxygen, and eventually spreads out to other organs. It is noncommunicable, and there is currently no known cure, though leading Hanar scientific authorities are working on creating a genetic adaptation.

The Drell also possess eidetic memory, an adaptation to a world where they must remember the location of every necessary resource (vegetation, drinkable water and prey migration paths) across vast distances. The memories are so strong that an external stimulus can trigger a powerful memory recall. These recalls are so vivid and detailed that some Drell may mistake it for reality. However, this process can be involuntary.

Culture and society[]

After the events at Rakhana, the Drell have perfectly adapted to life on Kahje. The debt of gratitude the Drell owe the Hanar is referred to as 'The Compact.' Under 'The Compact,' Drell fulfill tasks that the Hanar find difficult such as combat. Any Drell can decline to serve, yet it is considered an honor to be requested and few Drell turn down such an offer.

Often called second-class citizens by some Hanar and outsiders, the Drell have actually integrated themselves into Hanar society as respectable, productive citizens. Some species have accepted Asari philosophies while others embraced Hanar Enkindlers. However, this acceptance of new cultures have come at a cost. Older traditions of the Drell have died out and younger generations of Drell no longer believe the old ways of their ancestors.

Individuals who leave Kahje tend to become adventurers. Those who do leave the planet tend to search for new species and accept the cultures of those said species. Thousands of Drell have performed these actions and tend to live quiet, integrated lives.

Drell are also a deeply religious species, believing that they have souls separate from their bodies. They view death as a departure from the body, where the soul and body are together as a Whole. If either is damaged, the individual is no longer a whole. Drell also believe that their body can be directed as a separate entity. Drell religion is also polytheistic, with multiple Gods to pray to in any given situation. Gods include:

  • Amonkira - Lord of Hunters
  • Arashu - Goddess of Motherhood and Protection
  • Kalahira - Goddess of Ocean and Afterlife

Notable members[]


Living on the dry and rocky deserts of Rakhana for over eight centuries, the Drell would soon face the threat of industrial expansion, which resulted in the planet's descent to lifelessness. Unfortunately for the Drell, they lacked interstellar flight and the population of 11 billion faced doom. The Hanar would then come into contact with the Drell and over the course of ten years, hundreds of thousands of Drell would be relocated to the planet Kahje. However, the remaining species on Rakhana would be left to perish. The remaining species would also go to war with each other for the remaining resources on the planet.