"You think about a Dream Crab, and a Dream Crab is coming for you."

- The Doctor

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The dream crabs are a parasitic race of telepathic creatures that feed off of the brain matter of sapient beings while keeping them in a coma-like state.

Because the Dream Crabs are blind and deaf, they hunt other sapient beings using telepathy to detect perceptions of themselves in the minds of others. When a Dream Crab finds a sapient creature it grasps onto said creatures head similar to that of a facehugger and makes their victims comatose as it begins to feast on their brain matter via a proboscis-like mouth piece. They are given the name "Dream Crab" because of the dreams their victims have are used to keep them distracted from the Dream Crab feasting on their brain matter and the pain they would be feeling when conscious. The Dream Crabs themselves can lay dormant for thousands of years until a sapient creature thinks about a Dream Crab.

Dream Crab hosts

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Doctor Who Christmas Special "Last Christmas" (2014)
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