The Drath, also known collectively as the Drath Legion, is a race that had originated on the world of Altaria before the Altarians forced them to flee to their "new homeworld" of Dratha. They are the personification of a passive-aggressive civilization, plotting their revenge against their enemies and instigating conflicts from the shadows. They have masterminded many plots against other races, the earliest known being them hiring the bastardly Dominion of Korx to ravage their age old enemy, the Altarians.


The Drath are sapient reptiles with tan scales, long necks and glowing blue eyes. As mentioned, the Drath are the craftiest race in the history of the galaxy, as shown by their instigations and unseen machinations. They are exceptionally skilled in espionage, of course, which has allowed them to incite chaos in other empires from the inside. In addition, they also possess great diplomatic abilities, something that had kept them from being in too many wars, and with their diplomatic prowess, they can get more of what they want from more backwards empires easily.


Empire Name: Drath Legion

Leader: Embryes Draken

Alignment: Good

Homeworld: Dratha

Homestar: Drathis

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