Alien Species

Drakoulias are large bear-like mammalianoid predators native to the ice planet Delta Vega, in the Vulcan System. They have four paws, with the front pair being much more well developed, even giving them some resemblance to Earth's Gorillas. Each paw has four digits which end on deadly claws. The Drakoulias head is similar to that of a bat, but with a slightly longer snout and enormous canine teeth.


  • So far, this species and its planet have only been seen in the Alternate Timeline of Star Trek. However, since most of the species and characters seen in the Alternate Timeline are known to exist in the Prime Timeline as well, there is no reason to believe that the Drakoulias is an exception.
  • James T. Kirk compared this animal to the 'bastard offspring of a Polar bear and a Gorilla.' On the set of Star Trek, it was known among the crew as a 'Polarilla'.