Dragon Centipede
Dragon Centipede
General Information
Body Type Insectoid
Locomotion Multi-petal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Subspecies/Races Dragon Worm
Species Origin Mutated by Ravagers.
Racial Abilities Mortar like acid spray
Status Discontinued
Behind the Scenes
Universe Earth Defense Force

The Dragon Centipede is a colossal-sized centipede that was mutated and released by the Ravagers onto Earth to cause destruction of Mankind. It first appears within 2019, two years after the 2017 war, but hasn't been used since then, thus making this a discontinued insect.

Description Edit

Dragon Centipedes are beyond giant, able to grow hundreds of feet, and able to easily stretch itself across an entire city from one end to the other. Smaller clusters of these had been known to exist, these being referred to as Dragon Worms.

They are mostly based off of the Amazonian giant Centipede, which even under normal circumstances is colossal in its own right. Their segments all have acidic glands which release a spray similar to a mortar onto its attackers. Even the largest Dragon Centipedes deploy this tactic onto foes.

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