Alien Species

Dragons are a species of flying reptile-like creatures.


There seems to be two distinct varieties of dragons, four legged and two legged. Four legged dragons tend to inhabit the surface of the earth and are used primarily by forces hostile to Airlandis, they have four legs and two wings. Two legged dragons are used primarily by the forces of Airlandis. They use their wings as forelimbs when they are walking.

Dragons appear to be highly social and intelligent. They are egg laying, the mother becomes cautious prior to laying the egg and other dragons in her group become protective of her, infant dragons are called cubs or pups.


Dragons have few universal natural abilities. They seem to be inclined to mutations and oddities, typically involving powers projected from the mouth. One wild dragon was able to use his breath to create Amber, Blackheart and other dragons used by the mutants were able to breath fire/plasma (seemingly linked to the drinking of lava), and an intentionally mutated dragon infant was able to project paralyzing energy blasts from his mouth.