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Draglon Dominion is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from swat-portal.

A long time ago they were an unknown civilization. They were the smallest undeveloped society that lived on planet Draglon in system Fatigue. They were pleased to live as modest and upright beings who were only interested in how to improve their life. They were mostly involved in small trades of resources with others just so they could have enough for themselves. They never intruded others privacy for they respected that and didn't want anybody to disturb them as well. All others thought they were weird folks since they all behaved like they were invisible and unreachable for others. So nobody wanted to interfere with them more than it was necessary. Through trades, they were also buying knowledge about some crafts so that they could organize their lives according to the development in other cultures. In those times their government consisted of those that were the most intelligent in their society and were capable to negotiate with other species and also knew how to distribute all appropriate assignments to each Draglon because they had to know their skills and possibilities to perform something. And they were all satisfied because they never felt they were disrespected or in an inferior position. During one trade with a profitable organization called the Space Scientists Society, the Draglons were interested in buying knowledge about anatomy and how to ease up pregnancy labours because their females were frequently dying because their fragile bodies couldn't stand the pain. That fact was causing them to find a solution or else they would be potentially extincted. Scientists knew this was crucial for them but also wanted to get decent a exchange so they offered them a price that was higher than before. This time they demanded them to give over 60 of the Draglons who would test their latest discovery in biogenetics. The Draglons didn't want to be guinea pigs but they had no other choice. This was first time that they allowed someone to enquire them and not the other way round. By accepting to be the core of experiments, the Draglons had an opportunity to change their traditional ways of thinking with open- minded attitude. The procedure of the experiment was very simple: the scientists would inject their invented serum that was supposed to influence the organic structure of the hosts and it would convert its cells to regenerate faster than before. They wanted to test if those cells could work individually without being set in motion by anything else but themselves. If it would be successful, Scientists believed that one day there will be no need for stimulants or cures because nanocells would regenerate every wound or cure any infected organ. And someday this would be the strongest weapon and would be the source of a great economical demand. Negatively it would be available only to those who would have enough to pay for it and, by these means, the universe would be a stage of Great War between those "mortal" and those that would be like gods. And the Draglons were the ones to set the new course and to create the "new universe order". Scientists already tried the serum on members of different civilizations but without any luck. Failure was incredibly obvious: some disintegrated because they had an infectious disease that was eating them alive, some got new limbs or the serum just accelerated their aging per hour.

Scientists were gathering information about species from the black market where traders would get hold of a variety of organic structures and would supply their frequent customers with the best choice of individuals. The most frequent customers were scientists or rulers of different government that had some disease and wanted to prevent that. To die because of some disease was a great disgrace in those times of technological revolution. One of the rulers was so desperate and didn't want to think about the possibility to loose his power because of his infection. That was the reason he became the secret Maecenas to the Space Scientists Society and gave them the most modern technological equipment and was paying them for all necessary materials. All he demanded was to find a quick solution for his disease and for that they would be generously rewarded. So the chosen Draglons agreed to go through the experiments and they were also acquainted with every risk. After several months the scientists didn't see any results and they thought it was just another unsuccessful attempt. And it became even worse when they found the Draglons dead. On the day of their burial something awkward has happened: during the burial ceremony they heard screams coming from coffins and when they opened them the Draglons were all alive and well. After the scientists examined them they had discovered that the nanocells first fell apart in order to revive themselves. This was how the process started to function: when the Draglons came in scientific laboratories they were all healthy and the nanocells weren't able to function properly because there was nothing to repair. So the nanocells were like intruders in their bodies and the body started to reject them in order to get rid of them. But as they were spreading rapidly through the blood and each organ, the body got in a state of shock and stopped to function properly and its result was an apparent death. After the body stopped to follow its natural course, the nanocells activated and started to revive the body and now they were rulers of every organic process. The tested Draglons never felt better and the scientists, still not believing what happened in front of their eyes, ran lots of tests to make sure they actually made it with total success. Not only the bodies of the Draglons functioned properly but as the years passed they didn't get any older than the day they started with the experiments. They defeated not only disease but death as well.

The scientists sent the serum to their Maecenas and informed him about the success. In spite of that, mysteriously the ruler died and didn't wake from the dead. The scientists knew their destiny was sealed: one morning they were taken and nobody ever heard anything about them and their work. Except the Draglons who were living proof of the new technological discovery. They decided to proceed with the experiment but they didn't have the necessary equipment so the 60 Draglons established a new government whose priority would be science itself. The Great Experimenter would rule with the High Council of Academicians and by that began the age of Draglon Dominion. They managed to recreate the serum and build up a maze of laboratories in order to rapidly inject it to all Draglons. Although they all became immortal, not all of them were skilled to perform the experiments or to participate in the scientific development. So lots of Draglons were just a mere working class that had a lack of skill and a minimum of rights in the society. Now the Draglon Dominion was 5000 years old and one of the rarest who had the best scientific knowledge. The Draglons became so powerful that everybody in the system were afraid of them. But prolongation of life paid its price: as their planet turned into an overpopulated area they didn't have enough resources for everybody and so they had to enhance their trades with others. But everybody wanted to buy a secret of their nectar. As the Draglons didn't want to trade that, they started to take resources by force and hired fleets of pirates to plunder cargo ships of other species and to provide them with the necessary merchandise. The Draglons had one of the strongest fights against members of the Alreani States who were defending their territory in system Quintessence. The Alreanis lost the best position in the system and were determined to restore that, for that area was their richest source. And the Draglons, knowing this, decided to watch over the jewel of Quintessence. So the "War of Survivors" started the day when the Alreanis conquered them and took it back.

The Draglons never accepted this as final neither would they retreat. The battle for "jewel" still goes on.

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