The Draconians are a sapient humanoid species from the planet Draconia, and masters of the Draconian Empire: one of the major galactic powers neighboring the Earth Empire in the 26th century and later.

The Draconians have a distinctly reptilian look. They have elongated foreheads, small crests atop their heads, brownish-green scales covering their skin, and serrated ears. Older members of this species often have facial hair. They are a dioecious race, but have an extremely sexist society in which females are treated as inferior. Respect for authority is one of the strongest elements of their culture, and they are also known to honor their ancestry.

Despite political tensions erupting sometimes, the Draconian and Earth Empires have maintained mostly peaceful relations towards each other. A brief war was declared when both sides believed each other to be responsible for unprovoked attacks along their frontier, but it was later revealed that the attackers were Ogrons employed by the Master, who was working alongside the Daleks to eliminate both Humans and Draconians and ensure their own dominance over the galaxy. The Draconians also waged war against the Mim species in the 27th century.


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